6 Creative Ways You Can Do Your Personal Statement Analysis

how to write a personal statement for ucas

UCAS Personal Statement Analysis Help

personal statement analyserAccording to The Telegraph, more than 99% of British universities don’t require applicants to take a standardized test or an interview. Other countries’ universities have different standards, but one thing is for sure: the personal statement enormously important to your success no matter where you are. So how do you make sure that your personal statement is original and winning? Well, first, you can start off by writing a strong essay. Secondly, you can follow these tips for personal statement analysis to make your f.e. sociology personal statement successful. With our help, your personal statement will shine in no time.

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Personal Statement Analysis Techniques

For help with writing and editing a personal statement, consider these tips. They will help you look more analytically at your own work.

  • Create an outline.

Outlines sound boring, but they can really help you stay on track. Structuring a personal statement can be a huge challenge, but having a plan to follow is a lot easier. Consider making a list of questions or important facts about yourself in bullet points. Then all you have to do is fill them out to get your story. if you found out that you created too small outline you can always find out how to expand a personal statement.

  • Monitor your word choices.

You’re telling your own story, so it’s easy to slip into slangy word choices and colloquialisms. Unless it really contributes, avoid that impulse. You might be telling the reader about yourself, but this is still a formal setting, and you want to be professional.

  • Keep it relevant.

You’ve had a lot of interesting experiences, but only include the ones that are relevant to what you’re applying for. Brevity, as they say, is the soul of wit. And your admissions officers have a lot of other essays to get through. Keep it down to the bare bones and they’ll be less likely to wander.

  • Step away from the computer.

Once you’re done with your essay, close the document and don’t look at it again for a couple of days. That gives you fresh eyes for any mistakes you may have made. Never underestimate the value of forgetting!

  • Read it out loud and backwar.

That’s not an exaggeration! Reading backward and reading out loud are both serious proofreading techniques. They help you catch mistakes and make sure your structure reads smoothly.

  • Hand it off.

When you’ve finally followed all these tips, it’s time to find someone else who can look over your work. There’s only so much you can do alone. Get someone you trust to read your statement and help you improve.

Find a Personal Statement Analyser

personal statement analyser onlineSpeaking of handing it off, when asked for personal statement advice, Richard Cairns, Headmaster of Brighton College, said… “Seek advice.” That sounds redundant, but far too few people follow it. Parents, teachers, and friends can all help you, and so can we. Our personal statement critique services can help you make your personal statement original, strong, and eye-catching.

Personal statement analysis is too important to leave to chance, so contact us now and see how bright your future can be!