FAQ on How to Write Good Personal Statement Reviews

How long will it take for you to perform personal statement reviews?
We understand people sometimes are in a rush to complete their application requirements. We are set up to deal with these situations and with over 200 English experts and essay critique available in 120 countries we can mobilize an editor to you at once. They can agree on schedules with you as low as 24 hours and still, we guarantee to get the work done on time.
Who will perform my personal statement evaluation?
A minimum of two English language experts are involved in every editing process. They all speak English as a first language and understand the entry requirements in your selected country. With a Master’s degree or PhD in subjects like yours, they understand your situation entirely and want to help you through the process of a winning application. With up to 20 years of experience and well proven English composition skills, they know how to check, correct and edit your SOP to leave it reading well, engaging and mistake free.
How can you help me with my personal statement critique?
By getting a statement of purpose review from us you are guaranteed certain features. Firstly we can guarantee it is free of the spelling and grammar mistakes that would be noticed and make it appear you are not a very serious candidate. We do that with a unique 5 stage routine which sees 2 separate English editors read your essay 4 times in total. We then check it systematically for plagiarism. We know that many schools use anti-copying computer programs and will reject you if they suspect it. Your report also details any suggestions for change which we would make to improve the style, contentment or format.
What other services do you provide?
Apart from personal statement reviews we can assist you with writing, examples or editing of many different forms of English composition from technical papers, dissertations, and thesis, to statements of purpose for college application and reference letters or covering letters for job applications. Contact us to discuss your the scope of your assignment and we will have a staff member to help you quickly.
What if I am not satisfied with your efforts?
We know that a really good personal statement evaluation comes from English experts, working directly with clients, using appropriate procedures for their work. We work like this every time and are so confident that our methods will work for you that we offer a full satisfaction or your money back guarantee.
Do you copy and paste your work from client to client?
We have a strict company policy against plagiarism and start all of our work with a blank page. For editing of a client’s work, we check it thoroughly for any suspicious phrases or sentences which might appear dubious.

If you are satisfied with our answers to these questions or require any additional information then get online and contact us today.

We want you to be confident enough to try our personal statement reviews service because we are certain you will come back for more once you have!