How to Answer the Question “Why I Want to Be an Accountant”

Getting an accounting degree seems like something only those who like math do. Yet, it is really far from reality. Accounting is a wonderful career in many ways, so when you ask yourself “Why I want to be an accountant”, you shouldn’t have problems.

If you have already chosen your path you may start making your personal statement full reviewBut sometimes, not knowing how to become an accountant might make you afraid of saying why exactly do you want to become one. And this is something you can easily avoid by learning the career paths in accounting, the accountant qualifications and everything else that is important for this career. Take a look and find out more about it!

accounting and audit job typesEducation Needed to Be an Accountant

A bookkeeping career is totally different from a CPA career path. One doesn’t necessarily demand a professional to have many degrees and specializations, while the other is much more demanding and requires the person to be a lot more prepared and almost every time, licensed.

A Certified Public Accountant, for example, is one of the hardest career paths in accounting. It demands a minimum of a 4-year bachelor degree training and a license from one of the accounting associations of a country. Yet, this career is simple and most jobs for CPA are not exactly what people think, not in success or when it comes to income.

The most rewarding way of becoming an accountant is getting a master or a Ph.D., this way an accountant can easily take higher roles in companies or set up their own business in accounting, taking charge of other accountants and sometimes becoming really successful.

On the other hand, bookkeepers do not necessarily have to pass through a Bachelor’s degree. With a simple 2-year training or an Associate’s plus a certificate, these individuals are able to work for companies and the like as bookkeepers, taking charge of things like the income, actives, expenses and the like in a managerial way.

joke about accounting jobWho Is Suitable for This Job

To become an accountant, there are certain personal skills that a person must control. Even though with enough practice and studies, an accountant can have enough preparation, without these skills, an accountant will have a harder time when working as one.

  • Organization: It is known that being an accountant is all about managing deadlines, transactions, folders, documents and much more. If an accountant is not organized, his work won’t be good for sure.
  • Patience: There’s no doubt about how hard it can be for an accountant to take works that may be incredibly difficult. Most accountant face problems when their clients have disorganized transactions and want to make their histories look good, other times it is all about not getting the right number when making an accounting and so on. Problems are an everyday thing for an accountant that demands a lot of patience.
  • Communication: Want to have the best relationship with your clients? Make sure you have a good communication entirely. This way you can ensure a much more successful career and eventually get clients that can get to be your friends as well. This will also help you be much more effective with your work.
  • Adaptability: Want to be a great accountant? Learn to adapt yourself to all types of work. Most accountants stick to a single type of industry or a single type of work, something that ends up being boring and demotivating. But if you learn to adapt yourself to different types of clients and accounting – you will ensure a better career path.

Advantages of Becoming an Accountant

Getting an accounting degree automatically makes someone apt for many things other people are not. Here we are going to show you what are these things that make accountants have an advantage over the average man:

Understanding finances

Someone who becomes an accountant must have a vast understanding of finances. This helps not only professionally but personally. Knowing about finances can help anyone obtain whatever they want in life thanks to their knowledge about money management. Having great finance skills can also allow someone to escalate quicker and higher than other people in companies and businesses.

Own business

Accountants, as said before, must have a good knowledge of finance, money management and so on. This makes them the most prepared and sometimes, most successful entrepreneurs out there. However, this mostly happens when an accountant has already enough experience and learned many other things apart from just finance and accounting.

Generous income

Most accountants get wonderful pays from their employers. Normal jobs for CPA are also very generous and sometimes allow them to have an increased income by how much work they do. Simply, they work by achievements and not by hours – a wonderful way of earning more money.

Opportunities everywhere

Accountants are needed in every business, company and sometimes even households. Any accountant will find it easy to get a job if he knows where to look for. Additionally, this career offers great opportunities for advancement, so if you’re thinking of getting higher degrees, it won’t be a bad idea in any way. This will actually help you find much more opportunities out there and increase your pay range as well.

Tax law understanding

Almost every Western country, or all for that matter, work economically by using Tax Laws that help people invest part of their income and actives for the well-being of the country. These are taxes, but sometimes they are not simply an investment but an obligation from every person and business, being boring, annoying and difficult to comply with. Yet, an accountant won’t have any problem with them, as they should always study them and make sure all their work complies with them professionally – avoiding legal problems and the like.

Accountant University Requirements

To become an accountant you need to comply with certain requirements that are almost obligatory. These requirements to get into a college degree are:

  • All transcripts from previous studies in high-school. Diplomas and certifications as well.
  • Great mathematics and economic skills from previous grades.
  • Requirements according to the type of university you are applying for.

As you see, these requirements to become an accountant are not really that hard to comply with. Yet, it all comes down to the university you choose.

On the other hand, if you want to become a great accountant, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Look for the accountant program you like the most among the universities you find more interesting.
  2. Learn about the requirement of accountant program and send your application accordingly. Remember to write a great “Why I want to be an accountant” personal statement.
  3. Get accepted and finish your career as an accountant with honors if possible.
  4. After getting an accounting degree, try to keep studying until you get a master or a Ph.D. This will help you advance.
  5. Look for jobs. Make sure it fits your needs and desires.
  6. Pursue a certification after getting enough experience.
  7. Then become a CPA or start your own business as an accountant.

How to Write Accounting Personal Statement

There’s a common requirement for most universities and even accounting jobs. If you want to study accounting, you will for sure face the question “Why do you want to Become an accountant?”, and you will have to answer it correctly if you want a place to study. Take a look at this example and learn more:

“Numbers, finances, economics and businesses; everything I long to be part of in the future, everything I see for myself as a career, and everything I know a lot about. I have a vast understanding of all these areas, and as a non-professional student, I can say without a doubt that becoming an accountant will be my first and most important goal today.

But first, I need to study in a university, I need to learn from the most professional and experienced accountants, mathematicians, finance experts and economic laureates. This way I can become who I want to become with the help of those who are more prepared.

Additionally, I will be able to push the world forward, to make the world a better place and to create jobs for everyone and anyone without a problem. Not only have I wanted to be successful, but to make other people successful as well. Being an accountant will help me achieve that, and hopefully – have a wonderful career I won’t regret studying and working for.

As a student who always gives his best, my motivation to study accounting is increasing more and more by each day that passes. Today, there’s no doubt about what I want to do, becoming a great CPA and then, maybe, discover more about the world of finances by opening my own businesses, training other accountants and help the world be a better place entirely.

Getting into this university will be the first step to becoming who I want to become. But I’m sure that without this first step I won’t be able to do it. And I’m also sure that getting to learn from in a university like this will give me everything I need to accomplish what I want and more. Today, my most important task is to get admitted so I can, in the future, fulfill my dream as a wonderful accountant.”

Want to Become an Accountant?

In contrast with becoming an HR (wondering “why I want to be an HR?”, an accountant must pass through a different path. For example, a CPA career path will demand not only a doctorate or a masters specialization but also a long and successful experience as a professional.

But all of this won’t be possible unless you send a great personal statement when applying for university.  When asked, “Why I want to be an accountant”, make sure you give a good question, else you will have to ask for “review my personal statement” or look for personal statement proofreading that is not what you need.

Learn everything you can about this career before applying for one of the programs. This way, your career as an accountant will be a lot closer to success!