How to Structure 2-Page Personal Statement

condensing a personal statement by 100 words

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How Important Is It to Have the Correct Page Length for Your Personal Statement?

Whether you are making a college application or to study for your doctorate you will have to submit an impressive application if you want to be sure of getting your selected place. Most programs have a huge amount of competition and the committee want to always select the best. Best however does not always mean those with the best grades. Personal feedback from your recommenders and your 2 page personal statement are going to play a huge role in your chances of being selected.

Many times you will have very similar grades to other applicants and you only way of standing out is through submitting a personal statement that is capable of making you stand out. This statement however must fully meet the expectations of the committee. If you deviate from their requirements then your statement may not even get read. Our admission writing and personal statement review service provides you with all of the help and support that you need to ensure that your application gets you noticed. We can provide you with everything from full writing and editing support to advice for writing your own statement.

How to Write Your 2 Page Personal Statement

If you are asked to write 2 pages then a three page personal statement is not going to get you a place. We are often asked “is it Ok to have a 3 page personal statement PhD” when the requirements clearly state that they are asking for 2 pages. The answer is simply “No”. If they ask for 2 pages do not supply more; they only have a limited amount of time to review each application and if you provide more than they can manage in that time they are just going to skip yours and move on to the next.

2 page personal statement writing

However at times you will find that you simply just write too much when you start to put together your statement. The following tips however will help you with condensing a personal statement by 100 words or considerably more if required:

  • Start with the big picture; check every sentence and paragraph and ask yourself if it really provides something that the committee specifically wants to see. If not, remove it.
  • Remove all duplication; if you have already mentioned it elsewhere in your application then there is no need to repeat yourself in your statement.
  • Have you spoken about others or included negative information; if you have remove it.
  • Remove any clichés that you may have used, these rarely add any real value and eat up your word count as well as annoying the reader.
  • Remove all unnecessary adverbs, these often end with an “ly” such as completely or extremely.
  • Have you been overly descriptive with your writing; the aim of your writing is to get to the point not set the scene and mood. Remove anything that is simply too descriptive and using up your word count.
  • Remove “that”, we often use words such as that and they add no value to the sentence; “I thought I would exceed the word count”, not “I thought that I would exceed the word count”.
  • Don’t state the obvious; you don’t need to describe what is covered within your studies, the reader will already know this.

It is often surprising just how much you can cut out of your writing; that last “just” for instance is adding no real value and should go. Each of the above tips will help you to cut out more and more from your writing and will not only make it shorter it will also help it become easier to read.

Why Work with Us When Writing Your Personal Statement?

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