Our Professional Personal Statement Review Sample

Can a Sample of a Personal Statement Help You?

Making an application can be hard work and most program places are fiercely fought over. This means that you need to ensure that your application can really make you stand out. Grades and other qualifications are often going to be very similar between the applicants so your only way to get noticed is through writing a personal statement that is attention-grabbing.

But achieving the standard of writing to do this is not going to be easy. In fact, many applicants will spend many weeks writing and revising their statement and still will not be happy with the results. This is where an example of a personal statement for university or other institution can help you.

How Can You Use an Example Personal Statement?

There are many different samples that you can find online and also through our residency personal statement service. However, you should realize that a personal statement should be written about you and also tailored carefully to reflect the expectations of the program that you are applying to. Therefore, you cannot just simply copy what you see and submit it as your own. It would neither reflect you, nor the program needs and it would also be plagiarism which is guaranteed to lose you any chance of being accepted.

A sample of personal statement writing can only be used to show you how and what you can write. It is an ideal way to see how your statement should be structured and what areas you need to write about. By reviewing different samples you will also be able to get inspiration for a theme that you can use to hold your own statement together.

Example Personal Statement Review

Do not just ever accept an example as being a perfect sample of what the committee will be looking for. You should always review sample writing critically to see it does actually meet the expectations of the committee before you use it. There are many samples out there online, some have been written by professionals such as ours while some others may be less reliable.

So before you use a sample you should carefully review it to see how it measures up, not only can this help you to avoid using ideas from something that is poor it will also help you understand how your own statement of purpose should be written if you want it to be effective:

  • Does the application essay open with an effective first line? Your opening line must hook the reader.
  • Is there a clear flow or narrative that holds the statement together? Telling a story is the most effective way to keep the reader on the page and interested.
  • Is the writing actually relevant to the application and about the applicant?
  • Is it written in a concise fashion with no filler to pad it out?
  • Has the writer avoided the use of clichés and obvious statements?
  • Is the language used effective and free of acronyms, slang, and words that are overly complex?
  • Are there any obvious mistakes in the writing? Even a single minor spelling mistake can indicate a lack of care on the writer’s part.

When you finish reviewing the sample statement ask yourself if it has made an impact and would you hand that person a place. Or did the statement just sound the same as many others that you have reviewed?

We Can Help Write Your Personal Statement

Not everyone is a writer that is capable of producing attention-grabbing and effective statements. Even if you are highly skilled in the field in which you are applying you could lose out on an opportunity due to a lack of writing skills. Therefore, it is often best to come to a service such as ours to gain an edge with your application.

We offer writing and editing support through experts that are both qualified in the area in which you are applying and highly experienced at writing application essays of all sorts. They will work directly with you to craft a highly effective and attention-grabbing personal statement that will be totally unique and free of writing errors. All work is tested for plagiarism and carefully proofread by a certified professional prior to delivery.

We cover our services with our money back full satisfaction guarantee and we always deliver our support on time.

So if you have looked at our samples and done a personal statement review and feel that you need professional help just contact our experts here for highly effective and very affordable support that you can trust!