Personal Statement for Hogwarts

A personal statement would help you enter your dream university. Before that though, you should think of and come up with a great personal statement to impress the ad com. But If Harry Potter needs a personal statement for Hogwarts, how would it look like? Here is our suggestion of help with personal statement for Hogwarts application.

personal statement for hogwarts

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  1. Explain the reasons you want to take up the course.

“I always know that I am special. I was dreaming about moving from Mr. and Mrs. Darslet for all my life. And now, when I have a possibility to find more about my parents find friends, meet the people, which are the same as I – I can’t miss this chance!”

  1. Explain how you are right for the course.

“My mother, father and uncle were wizards. I speak Parseltongue. I made ‘You-know-who’ disappear for some time.. I am the right person for the course, I have no doubt here.”

  1. Say what you have done outside the classroom and reasons it is relevant to your course.

“I am really good at flying. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to join your quidditch team and bring to my house many points.”


  • Answer all the magic questions asked.
  • Use positive emphasis.
  • Write a coherent and interesting essay.
  • Use the personal statement as a form of introduction.
  • Don’t forget to make a personal statement revision.


  1. Write what you think that the admissions committee wants to hear.
  2. Overwrite a minor point about you.
  3. Repeat information directly from the application form.
  4. Emphasize the negative.
  5. Try to be funny.
  6. Get too personal.
  7. Use gimmicks.
  8. Allow superficial errors.

If you need help in writing or revising your personal statement, don’t think twice but seek expert assistance because they know how to create an impressive personal statement!