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”Upon reading the above PhD personal statement, I could only draw one conclusion from it, which ultimately dictated this PhD personal statement review. In my opinion, the person is not showing enough how interested he is in getting his PhD in English, as this draft is yet about analyzing the books and literature that are available to him, and this can prove to be quite detrimental to him, seeing as there are a multitude of tasks that a person which possesses a PhD in English has to deal with, like analyzing characters, being able to debate whether or not the work is indeed artistic or commercial, not to mention the fact that he must always be able to comment on the work from a multitude of angles and express a plethora of ideas regarding it, finding the exact message and the essence of that work as a whole, and not in a way that makes individual paragraphs stand out. Indeed the PhD personal statement leaves a lot to be desired and could use a lot of improvements in the near future.

The Things That Would Surely Make It Worthwhile to Read Are:

  • The goals and aspirations of the person writing the doctorate personal statement
  • The notable incidents and experiences that the person has had
  • The struggles that he or she has had to overcome in order to get to where he or she is
  • Examples of people that have helped the person progress and overcome hurdles as well as examples of obstacles and how that person has helped
  • Any personal experiences that have strengthened the person’s beliefs about the fact that he or she belongs in this field
  • A proper ending for the doctorate personal statement

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Indeed the statement has many areas for improvements, and even though it is correctly written and worded, it is yet a simple text about the person’s childhood and various examples of literary techniques which the said person was unable to identify in the past but is now able to identify due to the fact that he has received a college education in the field, which comes as no surprise to the reader whatsoever. Another thing that can be disturbing to the eyes if the fact that the person writing this statement openly says that he or she is not exactly interested in all of the aspects that come with and are actually required in order to obtain a PhD, but rather 1 which represents a rather minor fraction of the whole ensemble. Indeed as individuals, we all have our preferences, but the fact that the writer mentions the other aspect briefly as a 2 line long enumeration which leads me to believe that he or she didn’t just fail to understand the significance of the PhD, but also underestimate and basically deny the other aspects in favor of personal preferences, which leads me to conclude in this PhD personal statement review that the person in question is not yet fully equipped to receive a PhD.”

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