Quick Personal Statement Review: Worst Personal Statement Mistakes to Avoid

how to avoid the worst personal statements mistakes

When applying for admission to your desired course, you will need an amazing personal statement that will capture the attention of your readers as well as hold them to reading your essay from the start to the finish. However, there are many students that fail to make a good impression due to the worst mistakes that they commit in their paper.

Check out the following for information on the worst errors your personal statement should not have and how to benefit from doing proper personal statement review.

worst personal statement mistakes

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The Worst Personal Statement Mistakes

  1. Putting the name of other places you are applying for
  2. Repeating what’s already on your application form
  3. Committing grammar errors
  4. Telling porky pies
  5. Overselling yourself
  6. Choose rarely spoken language in writing
  7. Over-using terminology
  8. Joking
  9. Self-depreciating

Do Not Follow These Examples

“On the 20th of april a great figure in history was born. Many people would think this was a great adolf Hitler, but it was me, who will go on to make great changes in history as we know it”

“I first wanted to be an archeologist as a child star watching Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park”

“I has pro Call of Duty skills”

“I know what you’re thinking typical south asian who’s parents have forced him into dentistry for the moeny but I’m not like that.”

3 Things to Stand Aback

  1. Plagiarism: This is a NO-NO. If you don’t want the admissions committee to turn down your application from the start, avoid it like a plague!
  2. Quotations: The personal statement is your story and not someone else. You can create a unique personal essay without using such quotations that will ruin your application. They are a waste of space.
  3. Clichés: Do not use these if you don’t want to sound mediocre. Remember, you can create your very own statements without using these overused statements that the admissions have seen a thousand times.

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