Top Personal Statement Mistakes Trends for 2016

Also called application essays or statements of purpose, personal statements for college application are essential essays that play a vital role in your application. Most of them respond to a question or questions from the admissions. There are also applications that ask specific questions, which are why there is no specific guideline or formula to follow in making a response. But you have the choices to make, as to whether to write your essay with focus on profession or autobiography.


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Why Personal Statements Are Important

While they vary in length, some composed of only a couple of paragraphs while some of pages, they are almost the same when it comes to their main objective for you—grab its readers’ attention and make them realize that you’re the perfect fit for the program. Remember that programs are growing more competitive each day and many of them looking for that unique and diverse candidate to serve as a great addition to their community.

Their student community—it is what the admissions and the schools rely on to shape future leaders and professionals in their field. So a high GPA or test scores may not be sufficient at all, but personal statement has to be something a little bit more about you, your potentials and your characteristics. Show all these in your personal statement.

Worst College Application Clichés

  • Starting your essay with a famous quote
  • Writing about volunteer work
  • Over exaggerating commitments
  • Writing the ‘dead dog’ essay
  • Writing a super general essay
  • Submitting an essay with errors

To avoid these mistakes, start with your personal statement early, be prepared for certain revisions and multiple drafts, expect more personal statement editing time and deliver only your VERY BEST representation on why you are suitable for the program. If you need some help, you can always rely on the experts!

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