What Is the Best Answer for “Why I Want to Be a Project Manager”

Trying to figure out “Why I want to be a project manager”? The answer to this question is not easy, but you can answer with honesty, commitment and passion. We have to be clear that what we want to achieve depends on what we are assured to give.

If you know which are your skills and your skills to stand out, and you don’t have doubts – you are a step closer to becoming who you desire and need to write a unique personal statement for managers. To become IT project manager requires commitment and self-development to take this place in an organization. This is the reward for those whose knowledge is the adequate to guide and improve project’s process and team development.

project manager career statisticsBecoming a Project Manager

Basically, the project manager is like the project’s face, this manager has to have a set of abilities and qualities to keep the project on the way. His knowledge must be adequate and capable enough to answer the questions related to everything about its environment.

So, becoming a project manager is a role for those whose preparations is higher than the rest of the work team, its abilities allow him/her to improve the processes or even characteristics related to the project making them essential for any future project. Project managers are known as the leaders who “answer”.

It is very important for the development of any project a project manager well-prepared because, in almost all projects, the inspiration comes directly from the project manager.

Education Needed to Become a Project Manager

Really there is not a specific career to be a project manager, not at least like to be a doctor or engineer for example. What is really indispensable to be a project manager is to perfectly manage all the processes of the organization and the activity that is performed be done with quality and with efficiency. Project manager education represents the guarantee that its qualification is optimal to develop its assignments with no fails.

Nowadays companies look daily between their staff or outside, people trained to guide the team and successfully develop all projects that require their collaboration. The project manager must be the most qualified of all, since all the responsibilities and future of the assigned projects will fall.

But if you desire, you can obtain a certification to become a project manager. This is done is some universities that offer an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s for this career. You just need to comply with the PMP certificate dates and other requirements, finish the education manager desired and obtain your certification for a more professional profile.

being a good project manager

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Skills Needed for a Project Manager

Through the time, project managers have shown that several abilities are needed to develop this position in an organization, becoming a project manager requires preparation and a lot of knowledge about a specific area of the organization. Its abilities must be capable to show how important o profitable will be a project for the company or that its own knowledge about the field will warrant success.

Also, leading is one of the most useful qualities that should stand out in a project manager and it is due to leading is a key factor to guide a team and develop assignments with efficiency. The efficiency is as important as the project itself, there are well-done projects out there who nobody remembers.

Attitude and aptitude, sounds weird but both play a very important roleinn the PM profile due to organizations avoiding personal that’s not prepared or with the necessary ability to communicate and share the information within its team.

What to Learn to Be a Project Manager

A project manager must be the one who cares and carry almost everything within a project that’s why the education to be a project manager or its knowledge about what is going to be its workplace is the most important to qualify.

As said before, PM does not need a specific career to be, Project Manager is not an academic degree, it is the amount of knowledge you have about your job and the abilities you use to develop its areas making them profitable for the company.

List of management education must-have knowledge:

  • High-level knowledge about its business environment
  • Possible profitable projects
  • Profits and advantages of every project
  • Different Management Types: investment management, simple-project management, etc.

Project manager professionals are keys for the development and success in most scenes in organizations, that’s why its demand has been increasing since the last decade.

Where to Study Management

Project managers are not an academic, it means there is not an academic title that says you are “project manager”, and this means that is it a thing of preparations, formation and the development of your professional qualities even the knowledge you have about your work environment.

Why I want to be a project manager? It is due to its innumerable benefits, and rewards. To certificate for project management we don’t need to go to the university or spend our time on, at least it is not mandatory. This profile is obtainable through specializations and improvements of your knowledge or academic profile.

Project Managers are those which have more knowledge and experience within an organization and those who guide work teams toward success.

Where to Find a Job

Usually, project manager professionals get jobs within the place where they already work, it is also called an ascent. This organizational position is taken by most prepared workers among it, sometimes those with more time and due to valuable knowledge about it.

But, the job environment is not small it is worldwide and is rising rapidly, and the current demand for this position gives great opportunities. So, project managers are being more demanded and it is due to there are not enough people prepared for this job, its necessities and abilities are specifics and mandatory, lots of companies pay high salaries in exchange for this knowledge and effort to achieve the opportunity to get a job in this position.

Unlike becoming a designer or becoming an accountant who would ask himself “why I want to be an accountant?“, most project managers work with companies and businesses as paid workers. Especially those companies which need someone to take care of projects continuously are always hiring these types of professionals. This happens as a PMP can be a very important asset to a company in many ways.

Advantages of Being a Project Manager

The project manager career path is increasingly viewed as a difficult but rewarding option. Organizations have realized the advantages of taking a disciplined approach to delivering successful projects. However, becoming a professional project management is not like becoming any other professional, there is no standard or career path of education and professional that leads us to project management. That is why companies strive so hard to get the best and most prepared to play this position.

The general advantages of having a project manager in an organization

  • More efficiency at the moment of developing an assignment
  • Due to its general and deep knowledge about the organization, customers’ satisfactions have an 80% more of success.
  • The knowledge and its experience benefit the team work.
  • Control over every project
  • Quantity and quality are 100% improved.

What to Write in a Personal Statement

So many times I asked myself What Is the Best Answer for “Why I qant to be a project manager” the answer just appeared time later, I realized that being a part of the solution, the opportunity to guide lots of people through a project, the loyalty and trust are given to me throughout my project management career path is the most awesome experience that I ever had. No matter which the circumstances are, my team trust on me and my abilities to guide them to success.

I do remember that day, my first day when I started my project manager education. A question was always walking into my mind “why I want to be a project manager” and now I have gotten the answer, some people think that success is about income, I do not think that. I wanted to change something, give my point of view and with my project management education, now, it is possible to help the organization and people to develop their ideas, to make them profitable for a global purpose and even shape what was unworkable.If I have to say something I would do if I burn again, the answer will be becoming a project manager. The best work is that you don’t call work; it is what you love to do. Though there are no titles or degrees, this is one of the most beautiful careers in the world for me, to know, to see, to create, to share, to teach, to explain, to enjoy are just a few words to describe my life as a project manager.”

The motivation that guides a professional must be unique, and at the same time the same for all, this one should be always present, it should be the tool to develop everyone’s work.

“The difference between the boss and the leader is that the boss says “go” and the leader says “let’s go”. E.M. Kelly.

Want to Be a Project Manager?

The answer to “why I want to be a project manager”, can arrive when you get a nice job, a better payment, lots of benefits due to your career, but the real answer will appear when you realize that the comfort to say it was a great decision is the best reward.

Becoming a project manager can be a piece of a set of several consequences that guided or pushed you into the way of success, you won’t try to turn your eyes back, you won’t have anything to find instead of becoming a project manager.

Still wondering why I want to be a project manager? Ask our support agent for more tips if needed!