What Is the Best Answer for “Why Would I Want to Work in HR?”

A common question among future college students is “why work in HR”, and this happens due to not knowing the many advantages and opportunities this career offers. But it shouldn’t be a problem – the HR career path is one of the most rewarding and easy to follow nowadays. Get professional help with your personal statement for international bussiness and human resource manager or keep on reading if you are still hesitating about your career path!

If you want to become HR certified, here we are going to tell you everything you need to know and give you an example on how to answer the most common type of personal statement. Keep reading this article and find out!

interesting facts about hr manager careerEducation Needed to Be an HR Manager

The work of an HR manager falls mainly on ensuring employers payment, benefits, safety in the workplace and maintenance to everything about employers well-being. Yet, this career has a lot of different types of jobs and opportunities.

Most HR managers might also manage employee records, employee recruitment, labor relations and evaluation of all aspects of a workplace and employees. Other HR graduates may be hired to create policies for a company, working alongside lawyers or, if they have Law studies, doing it themselves.

But no matter what an HR manager does or the type of work, a minimum of 4-year degree Bachelor’s is necessary for even the lowest-paid jobs. Other jobs with many more responsibilities and importance for a company, may get up to 100,000$ a month or even more, but only if they have an MBA or specialization.

Most HR managers work full time and sometimes they may need to travel to different locations in order to interview or to get more information from employees or possible hiring.

Who Is Suitable for an HR Career Path

Even though it is a career that doesn’t demand as much study as others, it is still important to be well-prepared if a person wants to perform professionally. Among the most suitable persons for this career, are the ones who perform well and have a good control over some personal skills, if you’ve ever wondered “How to get into HR career” these skills may help you:

  • Interpersonal skills: Communication and assertiveness are completely important for this career. You won’t be able to manage employees and have control over a workplace if you can’t communicate clearly and be assertive with your work buddies.
  • Decision-making: As any other type of manager, Human Resources managers also need to be good at making decisions. This is a great way of maintaining a good workplace performance, stability, and overall motivation. The better the decisions the most professional an HR manager is.
  • Organization: You won’t be able to perform well if you are not someone organized. As any other office-oriented career, this one demands a lot of organization in order to avoid issues and problems with records and the like. The most organized a person is, the most opportunities he will have to be successful in HR.
  • Leadership: There’s no mistake about the importance of being a good leader. Being assertive is just not enough, you need to be someone who can give a good example, be professional and know how to treat with those under your level of responsibilities. This way you can win your workplace buddies’ trust and make better decisions with confidence.
  • Software: Maybe not as necessary as the previous ones, yet knowing how to use a computer and most importantly – HR software, can be incredibly helpful and sometimes even make your work a lot easier.

Advantages of Being an HR manager

Human Resources is a wonderful career that brings many opportunities for those who follow this path. The most common advantages of studying this great career are:

Nurture the future of a company

As a professional whose main work is to manage the IT recruitment and job position of employees in businesses and companies, they have a direct impact on their future. This adds a lot of importance to the job, as well as a great motivation to those who like this type of responsibility.


Being a mediator between the company or employer with the employees and workers is a wonderful advantage. This makes HR managers very important people for the well-being of a company, making sure everyone is always giving their best and that the rights and laws for workers and companies are always met to the letter.


As an HR manager, a person is most likely to meet directly with important people, CEOs, presidents and all types of businessmen directly, giving a vast number of new relationships to nurture and may get the best from. On the other hand, an HR manager is also very likely to treat directly with employees and workers of a company, something that may be really important to learn how a company or business works.


As a person who’s directly treating with employees and the overall well-being in the work place, an HR manager has a direct effect on the improvement of everything about a company or business. A good HR manager will help improve the overall performance and most likely improve himself in every way as well as a HR career growth.

How to Become an HR Manager

To become an HR certified is very different than becoming an accountant, for example. Most accountants can work by simply having a 2-year degree or a certification, yet an HR may even need to hold a Master’s degree if he wants to perform professionally in some cases.

Some people want to learn how to become HR without MBA, and it is totally possible with just having a Bachelor’s degree. However, it won’t give as many benefits and an opportunity as an MBA does. If you want to know the requirements for becoming an HR manager, take a look at this list:

  1. Search for great HR education programs in the most interesting universities for you.
  2. Choose a good Human Resources program and try to apply following all the university’s requirements to the letter.
  3. Remember to write a wonderful “Why Work in HR” Personal statement.
  4. Get admitted to the program of your choosing and give your best to graduate with honors.
  5. After graduating from a Bachelor’s, continuing education as an HR with an international business MBA can be the best idea.
  6. Look for a good MBA or specialization and graduate to push your career path a lot more.
  7. A license is not necessary, yet it can be obtained and will, in some cases, give you many opportunities for work or improve your HR manager skills
  8. Look for a great job in HR management or International Business jobs and become one of the best professionals out there.

How to Write a “Why Work in HR” Personal Statement

If you want to become HR certified, you will for sure have to answer this question many times, internally and externally. Yet, this question is not as easy as it seems, and even when you will for sure answer it a lot of times, you may need some help learning how to do it correctly. Here we have the perfect example to help you do it.

“Communication is a major and obligatory skill for a person whose work means setting up the perfect place for others to do their thing. And as a great communicator, I think that’s exactly I want to be and to do for my life, being able to perform as a great human communicator that gets the best from anyone and every situation to improve the overall well-being of businesses, companies and, why not, an entire country.I love management, especially because of my great skills as a great communicator and someone who can be a both a leader and workforce without problems. That’s why I think this career is perfect for me, because my love for getting everything to work perfectly is one of my best skills, thanks to my talent with personal and business relationships alike.

I’ve nurtured my social skills all my life since I was a kid I’ve learned to make people feel good with my words and I’ve helped to nurture good relationships around me. In my family, for example, I’ve helped my father and mother to stay together through a long time, even in the toughest moments, they’ve always said I’ve been the force that maintained them together, and not because I am a reason to but because I’ve learned to help them love each other and construct a good family environment at home.

On the other hand, in high-school I was known for managing people, being the leader in projects, maintaining good relationships with those above my range and always helping everyone get the best of themselves. This made me realized that as an HR manager, I can perform well professionally, only if I get to study in this wonderful university.

My hope is to keep doing what I like with people and maybe help to nurture the future of a company or business. But that will only be possible after I graduate.”

Want to Become an HR?

If you’re still unsure on why work in HR, you may prefer becoming an engineer and ask yourself: “why I want to be an engineer?”, or just follow any other professional path out there. As now, with the amount of information we just gave you it should be totally easy to answer a personal statement for HR professionally and making sure it has the best effect on anyone.

Just remember why to become HR certified makes you so motivated and you will, without a doubt, make the best answer to this type of question!