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The overall way the personal statement was presented seemed to be all too strong. While it posits that the applicant is very confident in his or her abilities, it makes him or her seem a little too confident and possibly overrated. In my experience, writing with a somewhat more professional tone would be recommended and keep from being exaggerating one’s own abilities. It would be the best help with personal statement to appear competent to one’s superiors but not overqualified.

Architecture Personal Statement Review

Architecture is certainly one of the more respectable or at least sought out professions out there. After all, we’re talking about people who design buildings and homes. Then there’s that old saying that “home is where the heart is”. Making a good home for a good family can be a lot harder than it sounds and only with the right architect can you achieve the effect that you want. There are actually many kinds of buildings, each with its own requirements and is something that every architect must keep to heart in order for them to do their jobs properly.

Here are just three kinds of buildings that common architects have to work with:

  • Residential buildings: These are one of the more common kinds of buildings that architects have to work with. People need places to live after all and nothing better exemplifies this than the need for residential buildings. This can extend from the small houses that your common middle-class families live into the truly massive apartment complexes that might be home to dozens of families.
  • Business buildings: There are buildings that simply serve as headquarters for a single company or at least multiple companies. This is another common project that architects end up with but is more or less a little easier than putting together residential buildings. However, the building they’re currently designing should at least be compatible with whatever it is that the company actually does.
  • Event buildings: These are buildings that put together for special events only. They can be built for a variety of reasons and they tend to be quite varied. Some are built for some specific religious purposes while some are built for sporting events. Whatever the case, these buildings are often a rare opportunity for architects and are often made for more exclusive clients than others.

To be an architect though, you first need to make sure that you have the right stuff and get into and graduate from an architecture course. This is where an architecture personal statement comes in.

writing an architecture grad school personal statement

Making an Architecture Grad School Personal Statement

Putting together an architecture personal statement requires some finesse if you want to get accepted into an architecture and start your career. Here are just a few major points that you need to take care of when making your personal statement review for your potential superiors:

  • Make sure to show off your interest in buildings. This is very important because you have to remember that putting together a building for a given purpose isn’t as simple as it may sound. A building that a person may choose to live in might be a bit different from a building that serves as a workplace after all.
  • Show off your experience in knowing how construction works with knowledge of physics and chemistry. You at least need some skill in civil engineering if you want to be an architect.
  • Be sure to mention your dedication to the job and to the art of architecture itself.

The Architecture Personal Statement Review: Things to Pay Attention To

When you go through the PS, you must be familiar with some helpful tricks of analyzing it like a pro. The professional editors do the same job. However, the constant practice makes them well-trained in doing the task.

  • Never create a mess in your mind and on the table by keeping numerous samples for the guidance. Use two to three best architecture personal statement examples
  • The PS is usually based on one to two pages. Try to read it twice or even thrice to find more mistakes
  • Develop a list of corrections that you are supposed to make
  • Avoid doing this task along with some other work. It should be done once at a time

Do’s & Don’ts of Architecture Grad School Personal Statement

You can only be prepared for composing a good personal statement architecture by concentrating on these do’s and the don’ts:

  • Try to avoid increasing the standard length of your PS
  • Never skip any single line as it can make a difference in the understanding of a whole document if missed
  • Create a rough structure of the personal statement format to rectify the actual one properly
  • Do not replace the removed sentence with any personal opinion or less meaningful sentence. Make some research before you write
  • Read out the text loud to find the mistakes earlier

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