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The overall statement seems well enough but I tend to think the author included a little too much information and made the statement unnecessarily long. Showing a person’s interests should be enough to get them some points but there is also such a thing as showing too much. I should also note that the writer has become somewhat redundant in repeating his or her experiences and interests to the reader.

Review of Biomedical Science Personal Statement Example

The biomedical field is easily one of the more popular professions of today thanks to the way that it permeates just about every level of society. While it can be a bit off-putting to some and very tedious to others, it is nonetheless one of the more important sectors of the paramedical profession as there will always be a need for someone with the right know-how when it comes to dealing with the more essential fluids of living organisms like ourselves.

Here are just a few things that biomedical scientists are usually concerned with:

  • Examining the tissue samples of patients
  • Examining the fluid samples of patients
  • Identifying chemicals and other substances found in tissue and fluid samples
  • Identifying any pathogens found in tissue and fluid samples

Being a biomedical scientist isn’t really as easy as it sounds. In fact, it can be quite challenging for people who have first started their career in the biomedical sciences. Nonetheless, having a good biomedical science personal statement as well as for example good architecture personal statement should at least get you somewhere in your career. So take a look at this biomedical science personal statement review and see for yourself how you can make the best of your career.

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Biomedical Science Personal Statement Tips

So you’ve finally decided to take up biomedical science as a course of your choice. Well then, let’s give a look over this biomedical science personal statement review and see if you really understand what it is you’re getting yourself into. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with a task that doesn’t suit you or one that you does not exactly want to work with. So let’s start with the basics:

  • Giving your introduction: When you begin with the more basic parts of an introduction, be sure to include also your reason for taking up the course. Let your potential superiors know just why is it that you decided to take up the biomedical sciences and what kind of goals do you hope to achieve with it.
  • Describe your skills and talents: Show off any skills or talents you have in the next paragraph. Let people know just how good you are as a student or full-time biomedical technician. This lets them know whether or not you can become a viable asset to your course and what benefits they can hope to gain from you.
  • Show off any experiences you have in the field: Do you have experience in the medical field? This can come in very handy for any biomedical scientist, so be sure to include that in your personal statement.

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