10 Ideas to Extend a Personal Statement Effortlessly

how to extend personal statement word count

Did you ever write an essay about yourself? We bet yes, but did you know that the personal statement is a little bit trickier than that? The essays about yourself that you were crafting during the school years were probably interesting ones but not as peculiar as personal statements for the colleges and universities, where the rules are completely different. If you are planning to study in the UK, the personal statement will be the part of the UCAS application.

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A personal statement is your greatest chance for the recognition because even with a big pool of applicants with the same grades, marks, and level of education, you can make a difference with your personal traits that can distinguish you from others. Various colleges and universities demand various requirements considering the word count, it may vary from 250 to 1000 words, the matter, of course, some students struggle with the task even if they really have what to write about, especially for this problem we will uncover in the topic how to extend a personal statement effortlessly, moreover if you are looking for such particular cases as statement computer science you can find the samples on the site as well.

Personal Statement Word Limit 2018/2019: How to Find out What’s Best?

What should be the length of personal statement for graduate admission? Personal statement writing is slightly different from the statement of purpose writing and here’s why:

In the statement of purpose you will have to create the specific focus of your writing whereas in the personal statement you have more freedom in terms of content and the word count, UCAS gives the directions for 47 lines or 4000 characters to work with, some make the measurements in words, the typical length, however, is floating between 560 and 780 words.

Students often ask us how long a personal statement should be in order to get successful and how to expand a personal statement. The answers for these and for the most common questions bothering students (below) we will cover in the article.

  • How long should the Berkeley personal history statement be?
  • How long should a personal statement for Oxbridge be?
  • What is UCAS personal statement word count limit?
  • How are words in a personal statement counted?

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Most Effective Personal Statement Length

The length of the personal statement like we already found out will depend on your college or the university and the directions you can easily find on the official website of your institution you can also find the particular considerations and tips for the content like the Penn University prepares for the students.

  • The Berkley gives the student guidelines without the indication about the word length, in such case, the answer could be found on the forums, in this case, it turned out to be around 1000 words, according to the forum
  • The Oxbridge indicates that around 80% of personal statement should be focused on academic interests, abilities, and achievements, while 20% can then cover extracurricular activities featuring same word limit, again according to UCAS you can write up to 4000 characters for the statement and it will be perfectly normal.

As a matter of fact, a personal statement is still an essay and it should be kept within certain standards of length. Some of our experienced students who were preparing the GRE essays are familiar with certain essay length trends that in some way are undoubtedly applied to the personal statements. They know that when it comes to the essay writing the word count matters, this fact is also proves the statistics that shows the correlation between scores and the essay length, as could be seen from the graphic the initial appropriate word count was quite flexible ranging from 100 to 800 words but only the ones that managed to stay at the point of 600-700 words gained the higher grades of 5.1 and 5.4

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Personal Statement Extension Rules

If you need to enlarge personal statement first plan of how long to make a personal statement in the first place, believe it or not, in case you don’t stick to the word count too lengthy personal statement might ruin your chances as well. Let’s come up with some valuable ideas, for this:

There are 3 conditions for the good quality writing:

  • Get the plan what you are going to write about
  • Set aside a protected time to write
  • Before writing, get at least a little bit of enthusiasm and good mood

Personal statement word count is usually displayed at the bottom of the page, however, some specialists suggest to check it according to the UCAS personal statement length checker that also provides the guidance considering each section and block content so that you can create the personal statement straight online on the page and save everything in the PDF file.

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10 Solid Ideas for Increasing a Personal Statement Word Limit

If you are not happy with your personal statement length you can always improve it from the inside by repeating the experiences of the successful ones that were written by people who actually got the enrollment, it does not mean you need to copy their writings but rather borrow the pattern of question that you can use for telling your own story. You can also learn from the PhD personal statement examples on our site. Here are some of them:

Feature the after school accomplishments. Tell what you’ve done since leaving the school, what things have you managed to accomplish since. Even such detail as short-term job experience would be beneficial for your statement.

Include the examples. In the personal statement, you can either restate the examples from your job or academic life, research conducting experience if it can show what you’ve learned from them and prove that you resolved them right.

personal statement length adviceI’m very passionate about teaching young children about the environment so I’m highly determined to make the most of my degree, achieve all of my ambitions and help the society as a developmental psychologist”

Write about your future plans. Probably the most important part of the personal statement writing you should never forget about. The admission committee is specifically looking for this passage in the statement to understand what you are intended to do with your degree after you graduate. Don’t be scared, to tell the truth even if your career plans are not standard for your sphere.

Mention your awards. Some schools will particularly look for the certain awards and accolades in your personal statement that prove you are the best of the best.

Mention the projects. Mention the projects and research that you conducted or took part in and explain what you have learned from them and how you contributed.

Mention volunteering experience. Even if it was a short time experience make sure to include it in the statement, it will show your determination and strong moral principles.

Mention your mentors. Mention people and influences that made the biggest impact on your interest development and achievements.

Include your social values. Explain how you are planning to take part in the social life of the community, which clubs and why you want to join, what would you like to change it.

For international students. If you are an international student you may also mention in your statement what previous studies did you have in English (or language of the country you’ve chosen), your successful results in them, express why you’ve picked this country in particular for pursuing the degree.

End on the positive note. If you already featured all beneficial examples and experiences you can enlarge the last paragraph of the personal statement by ending it on the positive note – writing a good extensive sentence that expresses your passion.

Make My Personal Statement Longer but Not Worse

Remember that the mindless word count chasing won’t make your statement stronger, you can enlarge personal statement but remember to stay away from 7 major mistakes:

  • Don’t incorporate overly formal and impersonal tone as well as too fancy language
  • Don’t try to make the impression by the jokes, your humor could be interpreted wrong
  • Don’t exaggerate your achievements, it’s an academic sin number one
  • Don’t restate the same information that the committee already knows from the documents
  • Don’t plagiarize, – all of the statements are checked for the matters of plagiarism
  • Don’t rely on spell checkers, – use them but only for the first check, then you need to make the final proofreading yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to sound original, it’s better than using cliche phrases

How long are your average essays? Are they too long or way too short that you are puzzled with extending them? There’s no magic number of words that can make your statement of purpose successful. As the statistics show, the longer your admission essay is, the better evaluation you get until the personal statement reaches the maximum word limit that proves that the harmony is an essential element even in such task as admission writing.

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