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”To tell the truth, this neurosurgery personal statement has many areas that could be improved, and I personally find it to be more suitable for an online job application than in an undergraduate application for any university that would even consider reading it, to begin with. While writing this residency personal statement review, I understood that neurosurgery is the desired field by many young students and indeed it requires a lot of finesse and skill in order to become a successful neurosurgeon, but going as far as to squeeze 2 different and largely unrelated subjects as assets in this field is like asking a blind person to describe the colour blue, useless and childish. I was unable to actually get an idea of where he was going with this, and the fact that the person writing this had to fit in travelling and other experiences by force and make them sound remotely relevant leads me to think that this person actually has no idea what he or she is getting into.” If you need more information you can come to our personal statement editing service and get the best advice.

Here are the essential things to create a successful personal essay:

  • A proper introduction
  • His or her knowledge of the neurosurgical field
  • What influenced him or her to aspire to this field
  • The studies that he or she has undertaken in order to go down this path
  • The people that have influenced him or her for the better
  • The people that have influenced him or her for the worst
  • The obstacles and hurdles, probably even cultural and traditional boundaries that he or she had to overcome, and how
  • A more detailed account of his or her interest in the human brain
  • Relevant clinical experience in the field, even as a patient or a simple observer
  • His or her expectations regarding this field
  • A proper ending

Indeed this neurosurgery personal statement sample could be greatly improved. I really don’t understand how business studies can be of any use in neurosurgery, and the fact that it might prove useful in managing finances is something that quite frankly belongs in the personnel department of an individual and not the professional one. In my opinion, studying psychology in order to improve your writing is, again, useless and futile. Psychology should be used in order to calm patients down and gain their trust before performing surgery on their brains, not writing a report or a prescription, or even personal notes. Indeed what we can conclude from this in our neurosurgery personal statement review, without any unnecessary analysis, is the fact that this person does not belong in medicine but rather in business and commerce, it would greatly help if the author could depict the intriguing and complicated secrets that the human brain has to offer us.”

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Tips for Writing the Neurosurgery Personal Statement

If you are applying for a neurosurgery program, you need a personal statement.

In writing, it is essential to give yourself enough time so that you can present a well-written personal statement for neurology residency:

  • Begin with an outline: before writing, you need an outline listing all your achievements. When done, you need to highlight the achievements relevant to neurosurgery.
  • Stick to word limit: it is essential to follow the word count specified by the program. If there is no word count stated, it is better to keep your statement to one page. Keep your neurology residency personal statement simple, short and compelling. If you would submit a long essay, there is a tendency that the reader will skip through the content and miss out the most essential parts of the statement.
  • Keep it positive: you need to stick with the positive points about your career choices, medical experience and yourself. A positive statement creates an exceptional tone.
  • Balance it out: even though your achievements are essential, it is still important to include your qualities and interests. You need to present a personal statement showing how you are a well-rounded person. You can write about your communication and leadership skills too because they are important attributes for healthcare professionals.

neurosurgery personal statement writing tips

Universities Offering Neurosurgery Programs

  • NYU: the neurosurgery school provides a 7-year program designed to give students the education about surgical responsibilities and clinical skills. To prepare them, the school is offering high-quality practice and training in the private sector as well as provides further training in a subspecialty fellowship.
  • Feinberg Northwestern University: the neurosurgery program provides students with diverse and challenging learning experiences. The program focuses on teaching the best practices in both clinical and research medicine. They encourage students to take advantage of several collaborations and train them on how to work competitively in an academic environment.
  • UC Denver: the neurosurgery program of the school offers 2 appointments every year in a seven-year program. The program is designed to give students the proper education in increasing surgical and clinical responsibility. They also aim to prepare graduates for an academic neurosurgical career with further training and practice in the private sector. The school specializes in giving answers and options from simple to complex neurosurgery problems that utilize the experience of their faculty and collaborations in their multi-disciplinary programs at high tech facilities.
  • Yale University: the neurosurgery program enhances the training and education of young neurosurgeons. They are dedicated to excellence in research, scholarship, clinical practise as well as teaching. The neurosurgery department is committed to delivering awesome patient care, train future leaders and improve patient outcomes. Their neurosurgeons are world-renowned professionals who highly sub-specialized with focus on every area of neurosurgery.

How We Help with Neurosurgery Personal Statement

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