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When you’re applying to train for a position as a physician assistant personal statement review should be your first port of call on your journey towards full qualification. Consider the facts below and make sure that you’re fully informed when it comes to your application. When you know what to expect from your studies, you’ll stand the highest chances of success. One of the easiest parts to mess up is your application essay so be sure to read all the do’s and don’ts below for the best possible start to your medical career. Make sure you use our essay prompts, links to good examples and all the rest of the information available to your advantage. So, let’s check out SoP review!

Overview of a PA Personal Statement Example

Physician assistants work alongside doctors and surgeons to provide a range of medical services from patient examination and diagnosis to ordering tests and prescribing medications. Although the job description sounds somewhat similar to that of a general medical practitioner, it’s slightly different because a physician assistant must work some or all of the time under the direct supervision of a fully qualified doctor.

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Considering that you don’t have to go through medical school to become a physician assistant, the pay is incredible. In 2015, the median annual wage in the United States was $91,180, almost three times the national average for all jobs. Even the lowest paid physician assistants can expect a salary of around $60,000 per year. Not only is the pay good, there’s a projected 30% increase in employment of physician assistants for the next 10 years. This works out at four times the growth expected of other jobs.

Personal Statements Are Vital

It’s hard to exaggerate the importance placed upon the personal statement for physician assistant hopefuls that has to be written as part of the application process. It’s absolutely vital that you get this part right; that’s why we’ve dedicated these pages to making sure that you have all the information you need to succeed.

What distinguishes the personal statement physician assistant course applicants are expected to write from that of any other potential student had everything to do with the unique place occupied by health care in society. You need to demonstrate an aptitude for communication skills as well for practical and scientific ones.

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How to Write a Personal Statement for Physician Assistant School

If you’re struggling with your physician assistant personal statement help is at hand. All you need to do is learn what your audience expects to read and adapt your statement accordingly. Obviously, this is much easier said than done and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that show you exactly how to write a personal statement for physician assistant school. When it comes to a professional requirement like writing a physician assistant personal statement help is best sought from people who’ve already successfully navigated the application process.

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Do the Following

When you first start out writing physician assistant personal statement essays, you probably won’t know where to begin. That’s perfectly normal and to be expected. Here are the most important aspects of writing you must adhere to if you are to gain admission to your preferred training program:

  • Remember for whom you’re writing. Your audience is composed of program directors who read thousands of statements as they pick their favourites. You have to show that you have all the qualities they’re looking for without relying on clichés and generic statements.physician assistant personal statement example
  • Follow the rules of the game. You must write a statement that clearly demonstrates what you intend to achieve and why you are capable of doing so. You cannot waffle on and on, missing the point and getting nowhere. Instead, be precise and concise.
  • Remember that you might have to talk about your statement. As such, make sure you include information that you can comfortably refer to when you’re called upon to do so.
  • Your statement is described as personal for a reason. You should focus on your achievements and experiences as they relate to the field of healthcare rather than talking about medical practice as if it’s divorced from your own career goals somehow.
  • Spend plenty of time on your introductory remarks. This is your one chance to hook your reader into reading more.

Don’t Do the Following

Aside from the aforementioned writing practices that you have to follow to the letter, there are several things you really ought to avoid doing if you want to stand any chance of getting accepted on your chosen course.

  • Don’t rely on tired old clichés. Everyone’s heard them all before and you don’t want to be the one caught out using a boring stock phrase that you plucked from the Internet. This just won’t cut the mustard so make sure you stay original.
  • Don’t be too vague. Healthcare is not a field where a lack of specificity is tolerated. Explain exactly why you want to attend college to study to become a physician assistant and don’t beat around the bush about it.
  • Don’t forget to sum up your statement at the end. This ties in with the point above. You need to be specific about what you want to achieve and you need to show that you can think coherently and clearly.
  • Don’t write a generic statement without an overriding theme. In a way, you’re telling a story and the whole point of it is to show how you’re the perfect candidate. Using a theme that permeates your writing is a great method to use.
  • Don’t neglect your introductory paragraph. Much like with a novel, you need to draw your reader in right away. Make sure that your introduction is engaging and encourages the reader to carry on looking through your statement.

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Learn by Examples of Excellent PA Personal Statements

In the healthcare field, in particular, learning by personal statement physician assistant example is the most common way in which the most important practical skills are taught. It’s not any different when it comes to learning how to write academic articles, formulate discharge notes and perform the many other non-practical tasks that comprise your duties and responsibilities. You can easily use a physician assistant personal statement example to get you started with your own version of this vital document.

When you use a physician assistant personal statement example as a learning tool, it’s important you choose only the best samples. It’s not always simple to find successful examples that have definitely passed the admission process, so we’ve done the legwork for you to some extent.

Physician Assistant planning guide
You can see in the first example that the writer has followed most of the advice above although there are some points that are lacking. You have to be very careful with the words you choose as you can give the wrong impression without even meaning anything close to what was assumed by the reader. Looking at the second example, it’s obvious that the writer has accomplished most of the objectives required to put together a great personal statement. However, it’s worth noting that he ended up relying on statistics and a list of typical physician assistant responsibilities. This is a faux-pas if there ever was one. Make sure your statement starts well, remains concise and straight to the point and then finishes on a high note.

Using Prompts to Achieve the Best Results

Sometimes when you’re applying to a specific course to train as a physician assistant personal statement prompt statements are used to encourage you to submit a certain response. This can help or hinder your progress depending on your familiarity with writing physician assistant personal statement essays. Practice makes perfect and you’d do well to consider the most common prompts that are used. You can actually use a physician assistant personal statement prompt from previous years to your advantage as a bit of training in advance leaves you in a great position to show off your reasoning and analytical skills as well as your writing prowess and communication skills.

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That said, make sure you focus on the story you can tell with your own experiences as ammunition before you rely too heavily on prompts. Overall, the best practice would be to adapt your experiences to fit the prompts rather than the other way around.

When you’re applying to become a physician assistant personal statement review services may end up making the difference between success and failure. It’s a career path that requires a very specific kind of person with an unusually wide-ranging skillset. Healthcare careers are unlike any other and you have to show program directors exactly why you’re the best fit for a place on their course. Getting some help with your personal statement is certainly a step in the right direction.

If you’re hoping to become a physician assistant personal statement review options are well worth considering. Make the right choices and you’ll reach your potential.

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