What Is the Best Answer for “Why I Want to Be a Lawyer”

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Why I want to be a lawyer, these may be your words, and to know what to do and how to be in the future sounds pretty deep and difficult to predict or to answer. So, what is the best answer for: “Why I want to be a lawyer?” Trendy careers have been always the quick option, but what about those who want to be on the side of truth, to know the difference between good and bad? If you have already decided on which side you are, don’t forget to check your personal statement! If you are still hesitating – keep on reading.

Want to Study to Be a Lawyer?

Lawyers are law professionals in all corners of the world who are known to enforce the law. These professionals are as loved and respected in society as hated on the other hand, but it is a balance that is seen with more tranquility in the presence of the innumerable benefits that being lawyer gives the professional. This career deserves a high level of moral and professional commitment and ethics. Lawyers are the spokespersons for laws and regulations in every country and corner of the world. Currently, this career is in great demand worldwide, is among the most liked but its boom could also generate difficulties in the workplace.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who want to opt for the lawyer career simply because they want to see a better judicial system among other factors that directly and indirectly affect us all daily. Social commitment is the prime mover of the lawyer or at least it should be. This career despite having a good popularity is a career that is developing in a field which is growing rapidly and in turn merits a greater number of professionals as this happens. If you are thinking about being a Lawyer a busy life will be waiting for you, but there are more benefits than cons around this career.

What Law Programs to Choose

What does it take to be a lawyer? All those who wish to be a lawyer must know which skills for being a lawyer you have to have:

  • First, a great interest in analyzing human behavior, its way of being among other variables and helping individuals to solve their problems of coexistence, this will be the daily bread.
  •  In addition, they must be able to speak (be good speakers) and negotiation skills, both of which are key factors for the development of the professional profile and, in addition, this is what characterizes the lawyer.
  • Undoubtedly, they must have a taste for reading and study, this career merits long hours between pages and practices more memorization of great content.
  • It should be mentioned that those who are not interested in socializing, listening to people, inquiring and not interested in enforcing justice, should not study to be lawyers; This does not mean that there are no lawyers who would overlook these details.

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Steps to Be a Lawyer

Advocacy is a law career, and is one of the oldest professions in history, encompassing multidisciplinary knowledge in the areas of sociology, economics, law, philosophy, and history, focusing on the knowledge of the regulations of each nation and society. To be a lawyer, it is not enough to have a penchant for laws and justice, but it is necessary to be trained in the sector and have certain skills to perform.

It is very important to take into account where do you want to study, it says a lot about your future as a lawyer. An analytic mind is almost mandatory to develop your profile as a lawyer, this career needs a constant policy-making and for sure all your “5 senses” must be in good shape, however, your study habits must be as good as possible, the way you learn will determine how you’ll be or represent your future clients.

Lawyer Qualification

what it takes to have a lawyer qualificationTo be a lawyer in your country you clearly need to study law in a university and of course, to be a high school graduate. All law professions must cross for a career of 5 years or a little more depending on the country. In addition, if you want to be an outstanding professional and have hierarchy over others, the lawyer must do a specialization after the general shekel of the laws.

Do you have the degrees to be a lawyer? It is highly recommended that after achieving the required academic degree, you then choose a specialization. However, the most suitable for any person who has in mind the laws should be properly informed and seek the information that is offered on the profession in the house of study where they will soon attend.

What Does It Take to Be a Lawyer

The length of time to obtain the title of a lawyer can last a minimum of 5 years depending on the country and an additional 3 years for mastery. This career merits a great concentration and commitment since in many places it is studied in annual periods, implying that a slight delay would represent a total chaos for the time.

The title obtained first is to practice as a lawyer, laws in general. With mastery, a lawyer can perform in fields such as public or private penalties, etc. Yet, among the most common personal skills needed to be a lawyer, we can find:

  • Analyze. It is recommended for those professionals in-laws that improve their way to think and their abilities to try to solve difficulties as fast as they can.
  • Efficiency. The right use of the vocabulary guarantees success at the moment to speak, and to show ideas under hard conditions, for sure, these qualities give an extra on professionals’ survival.
  • Good arguments. The sword of the lawyer is his vocabulary and way of speaking; the arguments are indisputably necessary for the progress of his profile and are fundamental to treat any event or situation in his work.
  • Education. The education and eloquence that you receive in law schools is vital and is one of the factors that guarantee success and respect from clients.
  • Strong knowledge. It is obligatory for the lawyer to handle at any level the laws, rules or legal and judicial norms of his country or field of work where he works, why? Basically, because the client goes to the lawyer is for this knowledge.

Why Do Law

Lawyers have long been a key player in the growth of both the laws and the societies of the world. The credibility and confidence that these professionals have achieved over time have made them deserving of one of the most recognized and experienced professionals in the world. The laws represent the entire structure of a country system or any organization that considers it to have order and respect, as well as equality and equity among its members. The laws basically represent the margin or limits that govern our lives and future ones.

Why do laws? These activities are the best option for those who want to change mistakes placed between systems and everybody for those whose ethical speak louder than fear.

Why Become a Lawyer

A lawyer is that professional whose purpose is to defend the value of justice. It is who advises other people on legal issues or represents them to defend their rights or claims before a court of law. Lawyers can work as university teachers, financial institutions, personal representatives, etc. Currently, lawyers are specializing in new branches such as environmental law and animal protection. It is a good option to study law because it is a profession that will always be demanded, for many reasons, but above all, because to err is human and in every society, there will be people who violate the rights of others, who will need to be defended or represented by a lawyer.

Advantages of Being a Lawyer

The advantages for this profession are very broad but you can always highlight those that are possibly more relevant to future aspirants.

  • Independence: is that you’re able to work independently represents a great advantage since they can work for both a firm and independently and without an adjusted work schedule.
  • High demand: it is a career with constant and endless demand, lawyers and laws are basically the skeleton of any system and social order.
  • Satisfaction: the gratitude of providing ethically and morally solutions to your city or country, is a profit measured by personal satisfaction.
  • Opportunities: lawyers have a very broad field of work and if the latter has a specialization, it has a wider range.

How to Answer to Law School Personal Statement Questions

Whether you are looking for popular jobs as a lawyer or future jobs you may eventually find yourself drawn into, you first need to pass through the steps to be a lawyer, and one of these is answering to the important “Why I Want to…” essay writing question. Here you have an example, check my personal statement:

“Why to be a lawyer is a question that shouldn’t exist; I do consider laws are the best way to help the social structure, laws are key points in our lives and lawyers are the tool to achieve it. It is possible to say that lawyers keep the balance between order and equality among everyone in the world. The guarantee of keeping the rules, those points that make our life better and keep the rights and security for everybody’s possessions are essentials in order to give everyone its rights as a human being. Being lawyers makes you a creditor of loyalty and respect for a long time ago lawyers have been a great part of the endless quantities of problems.

So, the main idea should be to achieve the world without chaos or violence, with justice and the same rights for everybody. The advantages of being a lawyer is that the power to solve and repair society systems and laws is on your hands, just decisions are needed to push greatness on the way.

That’s exactly why I want to be a lawyer because my motivation to do everything right pushes me to give my best at all times, even if it means changing people’s minds. I’m totally assured that as a lawyer, I will fulfil my dream to be an important person that can improve society, something I’ve always wanted to do.

I will give my best at all times in order to make the world a better place. Just like becoming a doctor or becoming a teacher, my first and the most important goal will be helping people as much as I can, but first, I need the chance to study and get as good as I need. And the only thing I need to learn is a chance on this university”

Want to Become a Lawyer?

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Just remember that becoming a lawyer comes directly from the answer to the question “why I want to be a lawyer” and you can’t allow yourself get it wrong!